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To write an appealing and selling text is not as easy as it seems. Then add all the settings and preferences that needs to be implemented and you are in for many sleepless nights and several grey hairs.

Writing listing

We produce the text for your listing using a selling simplicity approach based on our many years of experience listing our own rental properties. and with SEO in mind for our good old friend Google.

Image processing

Using basic optimisation tools, we see to it that the images look as appealing as possible. We also rename the image file so that Google can understand what it is and boost your SEO-ranking on Google search.

identify goals

Together with you, the future host, we jointly identify your personal and business goals for the listing and we give you input based on our own experience on how to achieve those goals.

upload listing

We upload the text, map and write image captions, implement all the settings, calendar syncs, enabling check-in and check-out instructions, and much more based on your own preferences.