We Have Launched DizzyCamel.com

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It is with excitement that we can announce that we have launched DizzyCamel.com after intense work for the past few months.

DizzyCamel.com started as an idea about two years ago as we sat down and complained about listing our own rental properties on leading booking platforms.

Despite the fact that we are somewhat seasoned veterans in the online hotel and accommodation business, with a span all the way back to the early 2000’s, we found that there were many pitfalls that you learn the hard, and sometimes the expensive way.

We have launched DizzyCamel.com to help people list their rental property and become a host on booking platforms without these pitfalls.

Years In The Making But We Have Finally Launched DizzyCamel.com 

Since we at DizzyCamel.com are award winning hosts ourselves, and an Official Booking.com Preferred Partner, we have been very busy managing our own properties and valued guests building a solid reputation by generating positive reviews from happy guests.

Once the Corona debacle started to impact the travel industry, and the cancellations started to pour in like we have never experienced before, we were busy managing and navigating a crisis we hope to never experience again.

We Have Launched DizzyCamel.com Much Like A Phoenix 

DizzyCamel.com might symbolise the Greek mythological bird Phoenix , rising from the ashes to yet again prosper much like the current travel industry.

When the smoke cleared from all the Corona related cancellations we sat down and thought “what can we do with the downtime apart from optimising our existing business and internal process for our own properties?”

Becoming a host on booking platforms can be very rewarding, not least financially, and we believe that many people are sitting on rental properties, or rooms, with which they can earn extra income.

Dusting off the idea of starting a service for people wanting to list their rental property on online booking platforms we went to work and here we are, we have launched DizzyCamel.com

Listing Your Rental Property Is Perhaps More Important Than Ever

The Corona virus have hit us all hard so to get your rental property listed already now is more important than ever to be fully prepared once the wheels start to turn again.

Now when we have launched DizzyCamel.com, we are a one-stop shop for all your listing needs if you want to become a host on Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Trip.com, Trivago, Hotels.com and other leading booking platforms.

Send us that email that can become a turning point and a source for additional income and get your rental property listed the right way without worrying about the many pitfalls.

We have launched DizzyCamel.com and we are here to help you becoming a successful host.