Sync Calendars Between Booking Platforms

Sync Calendars Between Booking Platforms - We Help You to Become a Host -

One important aspect to streamline your internal process as a host, is to automatically sync calendars between booking platforms.

The optimal way is to create a Google Calendar for bookings only, which you can do in your existing Google Calendar if you have one, and enter the booking dates there.

Using the format iCal (we know, and we will not dive too deep into the technical stuff here) your Google Calendar will then sync the dates with the booking platforms that we have listed your rental property on, blocking these dates.

If you are listed on Airbnb, Expedia, and, you don’t want to manually block the dates in each individual calendar do you?

When you sync calendars between booking platforms having one main calendar, you can easily block the dates immediately even when you are not in front of your computer but can do it via your mobile device.

Enter the dates in the dedicated Google Calendar (or other), make sure that you hit “Sync Now”, and no more worries about getting a double booking.

Syncing Calendars Between Booking Platforms To Avoid Penalties

By blocking the dates all across the booking platforms, the host will avoid expensive double bookings as there are penalties involved if you decline an instant booking.

That can be that the booking platform will relocate the guest to another accommodation, not necessarily in your price range, and charge you for the difference and that can become quite expensive and eat a lot of the profit.

How Do I Sync Calendars Between Booking Platforms?

When you buy one of our service packages, we will set it up for you and also give you a few do’s and dont’s along the way as there are some pitfalls but nothing too complicated.

These pitfalls have we learnt the hard way because that is not something that the booking platforms informs you of how to do all the way.

Oh, no. That is not the way it is at all  but luckily we at comes to the rescue making difficult listing son online booking websites easy.

Avoid The Pitfalls

We avoid these pitfalls and advise hosts on how to best sync calendars between booking platforms to our valued customers and future hosts so make sure that you check out our pricing structure.

Contact us for a non-obligated discussion on how we can help you become a host on, Agoda, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway,, Trivago, Expedia, and many other booking websites today.