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Smart Listing Advise - Become a Host and List Your Rental Property With The Help of

We have launched a free service when using our listing services for online rental platforms and websites, and that is something we call “Smart Listing” or “Smart Listing Advise”.

A smart listing advise is something that is based on our own experience being a host on, Expedia, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, FlipKey, Agoda, HomeAway, and many other leading online booking platforms.

What is a “Smart Listing”?

What “Smart Listing”, or a “Smart Listing Advise” is, is very simple to explain.

It’s a simple way how you can optimise your digital footprint by publish your listing for your rental property on one booking platform, but get the very same listing cross-posted on several others.

But, as easy as it may sound, there are things to consider and pitfalls.

That is why, we decided to offer our clients using our rental property listing services free advice on where, and how, to list to get the maximum output and best conversion rates when becoming a host on an online booking platform.

Case Study: A Smart Listing – Part 1

We have a future host that wants to list their rental property on ebookers, which is a fairly well-known online booking platform, and suitable for many host.

The online rental platform ebookers is part of the Expedia Group and Expedia has gobbled up quite a few online booking platforms and booking websites throughout the years.

Now, based on our experience listing our very own rental properties on most leading rental platforms and experience with most of them, we have learnt their inner workings.

What we would recommend the host is to do a smart listing and change to listing their rental property on Expedia instead despite the fact that it is much more complicated to list on Expedia than on ebookers.

However, that is not the clients problem if the client uses to list their rental property on Expedia and let us do all the work for the future host.

Then that Smart Listing becomes a true value-for-no-money advise.

Case Study: A Smart Listing – Part 2

Once we have taken care of all the boring work such as listing text, image processing, settings and preferences, the client who are now in fact a host, will not only have their rental property listed on one of the world’s largest booking platforms, Expedia, but also a multitude of other major booking platforms.

  • Ebookers
  • Trivago
  • Vrbo
  • HomeAway
  • Egencia
  • Travelocity
  • Orbitz
  • Wotif
  • Hotwire

To just name a few.

Talk about maximum digital impact and optimised chances of higher conversion rates and more bookings in just one single, but complicated, smart listing.

A counterproductive “Smart Listing”

Now one might think that “hey, that was easy”, I will just go ahead and list my rental property with a booking platform in the Expedia Group and my listing will be shown everywhere.

Well, that would be too easy wouldn’t it and our “Smart Listing” advise would be for nought.

We know where to list for the listing to reach all the way as a listing on Wotif does not necessary mean that you will be listed neither on Expedia nor HomeAway if you think it would be that easy to really get your rental property visible on as many rental platforms as possible.

Our Smart Listing will get you where you want to be with your rental property, i.e listed on as many online booking platforms as possible with minimum effort and maximum streamlining.

What Services Does Provide To Rental Property Hosts?

Apart from having “Smart Listing” bundled into most of our services, we write listings to clients that wants to become a host on online booking platforms and websites. can plan, and execute, everything needed from A-Z, or just bits and pieces in between, such as helping with settings and preferences.

We can also offer optimisationWhat Is Calendar Sync And Why Do I Need It? of existing listings or texts and even translate listing texts and information to Spanish which is a great complement as some booking platforms offer listings in various languages.

Contact today for more information on how to become a host on the leading booking platforms out there the easy way.