Some of the most

We have been renting out our own properties since 2015 in both Egypt and Thailand.

But we have been in the physical, and online accommodation and hotel business, for 20+ years.

We are western Europeans, mostly Scandinavians, now based in various parts of the world as seasoned semi-expats alternating between Scandinavia, Thailand and Egypt with main office in Hurghada, Egypt.

We have been listing on most major online rental platforms out there and it can be extremely tricky getting everything in place.

We have done all the mistakes and learnt the hard way and we bring that experience to the table.

So yes, we like to think that we are one step above others.

And we are an Official Preferred Partner which should count for something.

Our experience. Your benefit.

We can’t guarantee anything like that since getting actual bookings depends on so many different factors that is completely out of our hands.

But we do our best to optimise your listing to be as appealing as possible considering all related circumstances.

We accept PayPal, credit and debit cards via PayPal, bank transfers in Europe and the US, and cryptocurrencies.


We are soon on Fiverr so if you want to order, and pay via Fiverr, that is of course OK with us.

Which cryptocurrencies do you accept?

All the major cryptocurrencies are accepted such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin,  Dogecoin, and 50+ other leading cryptocurrencies.

Our payment terms are quite simple.

You pay 50% of the total payment before we start working on the service(s) that you have ordered (phase 1).

The remaining 50% will have to be paid before we proceed to phase 2.

Phase 1 = Writing the listing text for your approval

Phase 2 = Starting everything else such as uploading material, etc.

Please read our terms before ordering any of our services.

If you order any of our services on Fiverr, any terms stated on Fiverr will apply.

Refund Policy For Standard Packages:

- If you are not happy with our services, you can get a full refund within 14 days minus a 20% administration fee.

- All ownership rights to the listing text(s) remains fully ours until day 15 whereupon the text becomes yours to use as you wish.

- Any work already done, such as, but not limited to, image processing, registering a user account, and so forth, will be deducted from the refundable amount before the refund is sent.

- Once we begin uploading any material, or registering a user account, whichever comes first, there are no refunds beyond that point.

Add-On and Individual Services:

These type of services such as translations, optimising text, registering user accounts, image processing, are non-refundable.

Please also read our terms.

All our websites are ranking on the very top on Google Search often outranking the big dragons such as Expedia and on key words and phrases.

We have been working hard in a very competitive market to establish ourselves with SEO, quality content and key metrics to establish ourselves in the top for all all websites.

You can check the current ranking status by clicking on a link below:

A studio is one listing.

A two bedroom apartment would be one listing unless you are renting out the two bedrooms separately.

Then it’s two listings as it is two room types in the property.

A ten bedroom villa would also be one listing unless you rent out the bedrooms separately.

Then it's ten listings as it is ten room types in the property.

If you have any special requirements for your listing, make sure that you contact us.

Not at the moment but that might change in the future.

If you are using Google Calendar, as an example, you can enter your booking dates in your own Google Calendar and it syncs automatically with the rental platforms where you have your rental property listed.

Calendar sync is highly recommended to use to avoid double bookings and streamlining the work effort.

The sad answer is no but based on our experience, we can show you which ones that always works, and which booking websites who doesn’t always work and need a manual sync just to be sure, to avoid double bookings.

All that knowledge comes with all the years’ experience that we have accumulated and are now offering our valued clients.

We do basic editing of the images that we receive from you provided that they are of such a standard that we can use them on the booking platform(s) that you want to list your rental property on.

The editing includes basic processing of lightning and color optimisation (if applicable and doable) and renaming the images to a more SEO-friendly format so that Google can identify the image correctly.

The various booking platforms have different guidelines but the bigger the better is a general rule and ALWAYS horizontal images.

To give you an idea we have listed some requirements below as general guidelines:

Min. 1280 x 900 px (1.15Megapixels)

Max 19MB


Min 1024 x 683 px


Images smaller than 2880 px on the longest side will be rejected

Max 15MB


Min 1024 x 768px

Max 10MB


Min: 1024 x 683 px

Sounds confusing?

Don't worry, we will walk you through it once we get the ball rolling but in general, bigger is better as we can always downsize an image but vice versa is difficult.

We will not accept any responsibility for images that can't be used due to poor quality and/or any minimum requirements on a booking platform not being met.

Always, always horizontal.

Horizontal images are frowned upon by the booking websites and vertical images look horrible so always send us horizontal images.

We will not accept any vertical images.

We will work out what's best for you depending on what online storage services that you use on a daily basis.

One popular alternative is to share material via Google Drive.

All our pricing packages include:

Writing the listing text:

  1. Title - An appealing and compelling title that stands out from the crowd
  2. Summary Section - Capturing the attention of potential guests and keeping them "on the hook" for the next section
  3. Space Section - Intriguing the potential guests with a proper presentation of each room/area
  4. Guest Access Information
  5. Interaction With Guests
  6. Neighbourhood - Based on online searches of your area
  7. Getting Around - Based on Google Maps search and basic
    1. research
    • Defining Goals
    • Collect Information
    • Register Listing Account
    • Inventory List
    • House Rules
    • Smart Listing Advice
    • Set Price Plans
    • Basic Image Processing (if possible)
    • Upload Material
    • Set Preferences
    • Calendar Sync (1 sync connection)
    • Write Image Captions*
    • Room Image Mapping*

    Bonus - Free house manual template that are customisable and can be used for your listing* and for you to print out and make available for guests in your rental property.

    * When applicable

    Important information:

    Every booking website have different parameters and requires various necessary information in different formats. While some requires a tick in a box, others require you to write instructions, settings, information, etc.

    We believe that the above package covers most but there will always be questions form our side that we will need answers on before being able to finalise the listing(s).

Yes, we are in a near future.

If you want to use Fiverr Credits , or pay via Fiverr instead, just let us know and we will send you the link (when available)

A "Smart Listing" is when we list you on one main booking platform and they, in return, publish the listing across their network of websites.

In that way, you get maximum exposure with streamlined work effort.

We can give you advise for how to optimise your digital footprint based on our very own long-time experience.

Some booking platforms, such as Airbnb and HomeAway, let you set your own house rules in your own words, while others have preset options, and some booking platforms have a mix of both

Such rules could be if pets are allowed, if parties are allowed, etc.

We will take care of all that for you based on your own preferences.

We have set a limit to 400 words for the standard listing text included in the packages which is a good sized and generous listing text. See our pricing for additional wording.

When we have written a listing text, we are available to adjust the text a few times based on your feedback and preferences.

How many times we can do a revision is stated in the package that you have chosen.

We do not consider minor changes and adjustments a revision and are flexible within reason.

On some booking platforms, a real time-saver when communicating with guests, are automatic message templates being sent on out certain scheduled triggers such as after booking, before check-in, etc.

Some booking platforms offer the possibility of automatic replies based on the guest's actual question.

Templates can also be saved in the booking platforms's system for manual sending instead of automatically.

This is a real time-saver and peace of mind.

We offer our clients to set up manual/automatic templates if available.

Please learn more on our pricing page.

That depends on many factors such as how fast we get a complete overview, material, and the necessary answers to what we need to know for the particular listing(s) as each booking platform have their own set of variables and complexities when it comes to uploading material, setting preferences, required information, and so on.

Expect 30 days but that is just a very general guideline.

We are usually much faster than that but each booking platform have different levels of complexity which comes into play.

Support is general questions about your listing once it is up and running, general feedback, minor tweaks, technical questions, and advise on various matters related to your listing.

We also give you support on guest related questions and issues and how to handle the same but we do not interact directly with the booking platform or any guests directly.

Anyone can claim to write a listing, and for the inexperienced, that listing might look alright.

We have the proven experience of writing appealing texts that actually works based on first-hand experience with successfully listing our very own rental properties and have done so for quite a few years.

We also know the inside outs of the various booking platforms inner workings that will cut quite a few corners avoiding headaches and potential damage to your business as booking platforms never take any responsibility for costly mistakes even if it's their fault.

Their mistakes will come right out of your pocket. Not theirs.

So, if you find our pricing higher than others, we are not ashamed of saying that you pay for our proven first-hand knowledge, experience, track record, and that alone should give you a great peace of mind.