The Use Of (automated) Message Templates

Booking Experience Using Message Templates For Rental Property Hosts - Get Listed on Booking Platforms -

In the quest of becoming ever better as a host, creating a better booking experience using message templates is absolutely a step in the right direction for all parties involved in a booking.

Using message templates on a booking platform for communication with your guests is a nifty feature that should absolutely be used as much as possible to save time and energy and give the guest prompt responses and information.

How Do Message Templates Work?

Different booking platforms have various possibilities for your rental property and your communication with guests when it comes to the use of message templates.

That can be:

  • A message template stored on in the system that can be sent by the host manually
  • A message template that is sent out automatically when the guest as about a certain question such as “Is Parking Available?”
  • An automatically sent message template based on triggers such as x days before arrival, immediately after booking, and so on.

Not all options are available on every booking platform for your rental property but as a host, you should absolutely explore the option to use message templates when available.


How Do I Implement And Use Automatic Message Templates?

Using message templates when automatic triggers are available is an absolute must and a very time-saving feature that many hosts don’t know how to implement and don’t want to play around with.

The more information that you can give the guest pre-booking and post-booking in a way that is not intrusive, the better and using automatic message templates on a booking platforms such as, Expedia, and others, helps you helping the guest off to a good start.

So we recommend using message templates, preferably automatically sent, as often as possible without overwhelming the guest but you can send important information this way preparing the guest for what to come and avoid surprises that might end up in a bad review.

How Can Using Message Templates Generate Good Reviews?

One thing that many hosts do miss is to immediately contact the guest as soon as possible after a confirmed booking has been made.

When becoming a host and listed on booking platforms, you have to realise that you are not an established hotel and that your guest has actually booked a stay in a different sort of accommodation.

Just take a look as far as yourself goes, if you book an accommodation online on Airbnb, you want to get a response as fast as possible from the owner to feel secure about that the booking has been received and get a touch and feel on the owner itself.

First impression is everything, first impressions lasts, and first impressions goes a long way.

But you only have one chance at a first impression and using message templates is an extremely easy way to go.

Showing that you are there for the guest immediately after booking is a first step towards a good review and can sometimes even be the difference between a good and a bad review.

It can also be the difference between getting a review at all and not getting one.

Can Help Me Set-Up Message Templates?

Yes, we can. 

We have an extensive first-hand experience using message templates with our very own properties around the world and know what works and what doesn’t.

Setting up the use of message templates, and implement automatic trigger points, is an add-on service that we offer our future hosts using our various services listing their rental property on leading booking platforms such as Agoda, Expedia, Airbnb, Trivago,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor,, and others.

Contact us today for a non-obligated discussion on how can help you earn passive income on your rental property today.